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Making Dreams Come Through

Professional Airline Training Solutions Limited (PRO ATS), provides flight training services to aspiring pilots and qualified aircraft pilots. The Company recognized that there was a need for more advanced training for pilots and became dedicated to fulfilling that need.

PRO ATS is known for the utilization of the latest technology in jet simulators and advanced Computer Based Training. The company endeavors to remain up to date with the industry trend of flight simulators and simulator training services, which according to Kirby (2015) are of vital importance to commercial pilot training programmes. Using the simulator, instructors guide current or student pilots on normal, abnormal, and emergency procedures and scenarios in a safe and controlled environment.

Furthermore, flight simulators allow pilots to enhance their flying skills, judgment, and situational awareness, which contribute to the wider safety of flight operations and the air transport industry”.

We have received outstanding results in the training and development of commercial pilots. Our advanced programs are geared towards pilots who seek to improve their skill set and overall knowledge, while our basic programs are targeted to persons interested or contemplating a career as a pilot, or those who are seeking insight into aviation and the aviation enthusiast.

Professional Airline Training Solutions Limited was created to train, cultivate and produce the finest aviators, by delivering innovative training, using state of the art equipment and teaching methods. Our main aim is to ensure that our students are fully equipped with the knowledge and skills required to meet and surpass the standards set by the Aviation Industry.

Programs available:

  • Private Pilot Preparation Program

  • Instrument Rating Preparation Program

  • Multi-Engine Rating Preparation Program

  • Advanced Instrument Course

  • Airline Transition Course

  • Jet Simulator Pilot Program

  • The thrill of a Lifetime

Pro ATS Aviation Training

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