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Interactive Learning Solution Programs



An independent, third party assessments of students can be provided


To establish the academic level of the students. The data captured will be comprehensively analyzed and can be utilized in the other ILS programs.



Independent, third-party assessments of students can be provided.


To establish the academic level of the students. The data captured will be comprehensively analyzed and can be utilized in the other ILS programs.

One-on-One Interview

A thorough interview session will be conducted with each student on an individual basis.


To determine the root cause of the challenge(s) which contribute to low academic performance.

Individual Online Training (IXL)

Access to our online solutions will be granted to students for a set duration.


To address and strengthen areas of challenge and concern.


To allow students the opportunity to learn independently through online training at their own pace.

Group Focus Training

Specific modules which corresponds to the root cause of challenged areas (including soft skills), will be reviewed with the students in an interactive classroom environment.


To further solidify the knowledge and skills of students by engaging them in group sessions via interactive and immersive delivery methods.


An assessment, similar to the pre-assessment, will be given to students.


To measure the increase in understanding and performance of students having gone through the relevant training.

Soft Skills Training

Over 200 soft skills are available including critical thinking, decision making, communication skills and many more.


Develop the students holistically which will enable them to handle any situation in the real world.

Train-the-Trainer Program (Parents)

Training of parents on how to teach their children using our online solution.


To bridge gaps between the parents and their children.


Reinforces the do’s and don’ts of working with children.

Teaches how to maximize on our online solution when coaching children.

Train-the-Trainer Program (Teachers)

Training of teachers on using technology in classrooms.


To share aerospace training aids, concepts and philosophies with teachers that will make their classrooms more interactive and receptive.

S.E.A. Improvement Program

Combines the 5 essential programs for obtaining maximum academic performance. This programs include;

  1.  Pre-Assessment

  2. One-on-One Interview

  3.  Individual Online Training (IXL)

  4.  Group Focus Training

  5.  Post-Assessment


To fully prepare students for S.E.A. examinations by increasing their performance through interactive training.

ILS Program

Special package that includes both academic and soft skills training. Which include;

  1.  IXL

  2.  Online Soft Skills   Module

  3.  In-Class Soft Skills   Module


Designed to develop individuals holistically through interactive online and classroom training in both academics and soft skills.

Homework Centre

An innovative after school support solution.

-Improves student confidence 

-Used to achieve mastery in various topics, whilst reducing the efforts and workload of students, parents, guardians and tutors.

-Weekly progress reports and immediate assistance are available to provide guidance in finding references (links from our online solution) to aid your child in specific in-class skills and homework lessons.


To increase student performance and bridge gaps enabling parents to spend less time teaching and more time monitoring.

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