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Interactive Learning Solution FAQs

Responses to our Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Why should I subscribe to the soft skills programs and not just the academic programs (IXL)?

Answer 1: The Soft Skills area is very significant and often overlooked in the holistic development of individuals.  In an effort to mould the minds of our future leaders and to create disciplined, responsible and appreciative persons, we offer Soft Skills Development. Soft and Life Skills are delivered in groups, in an engaging interactive delivery, incorporating anonymous quizzing to promote social and team building skills.


Question 2: How can online training help my child?

Answer 2: Our online solution provides numerous benefits to students including the ability to work when, where and how they want. Students will have access to all grade levels (pre-school to form 5) at any given time and can access the training from any device. The online program guides students in answering questions and shows them how to answer correctly if they do not understand the topic. This feature helps to create a self-directed and independent learner. The incredible data analytics of the program shows each student his/her specific trouble spots and can recommend skills for them to practice to gain a better understanding. Students can receive virtual awards and certificates upon completing mastery of each skill and this helps to keep them motivated and excited to learn more.


Question 3: Although my child is in Standard 5, will he/she have access to other years?

Answer 3: Yes, a subscription to our online solution will include all academic levels from Pre-school to Form 5.


Question 4: What is the cost of the Interactive Learning Solutions Program?

Answer 4: Costs will vary depending on packages and subscriptions. For pricing, please contact us (see contact page) and a quotation will be provided.


Question 5: What soft skills do you offer?

Answer 5: The Soft Skills program has a library of over 200 topics including Critical Thinking, Decision Making, Threat Error Management, Leadership, Teamwork and much more.


Question 6: Are certificates awarded upon completion of the soft skills modules?

Answer 6: Yes, participants will receive certificates at the end of every in-class soft skill training program.

Question 7: Is your program aligned with the national curriculum of Trinidad & Tobago?

Answer 7: Yes, all grade levels have been mapped to our national curriculum.


Question 8: How is DriveWise Trinidad Interactive Learning Solutions different from ABC mouse, Turtle Diary, Pennacool, JJ & Friends, etc.?

Answer 8: ILS is a holistic approach that focuses on both the academic and soft skill development of children. ILS is data-driven and very specific analytics and trends can be viewed. Our assessments provide real-time feedback and suggestions for improvement. Real-time monitoring can also be done by both parents and teachers.


Question 9: What is the Blended Learning Model?

Answer 9: The Blended Learning Model is a multi-sensory approach to learning that comprises of Interactive Lectures, Anonymous Quizzing, Group Learning & Interactive Online Modules. This method of delivery has proven to be highly effective and receptive to students in the knowledge transfer process.


Question 10: Do you cater for all learning styles?

Answer 10: Yes, we cater for all learning paces, learning styles as well as personality and cultural differences.

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