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Interactive Learning Solutions

Ensuring each child reaches their maximum potential

A child’s success is every parent’s primary concern. As a parent, we find ourselves making sacrifices to provide our children with the best quality of life possible. Every parent’s desire is to equip their children with the necessary tools needed to excel and achieve their maximum potential. To assist on this crucial journey, DriveWise Trinidad, a leader in the design and implementation of interactive programs and technologies has created Interactive Learning Solutions (ILS).


We realize, to attain the best results, the best solutions must be accessible. ILS adopts a Modern Approach to Education and utilizes training aids, concepts, and philosophies from the aerospace industry. It provides a holistic approach and enhances the academic and social skills of children to allow them to compete in tomorrow’s economy. We felt compelled to design a solution that could raise averages of students and allow parents to become more involved by having direct contact during the learning phase.


ILS was carefully created to give parents the ability and tools to closely monitor and track the progress of their child. This can be useful throughout the learning process, (Pre-School, Primary and Secondary) in bridging gaps by creating a closer relationship between parents and students.


ILS is a holistic solution which develops the academic and soft skills required to understand and work with others efficiently and effectively. The solution has been designed to be affordable, enjoyable, engaging and suitable for different learning styles and paces. The program is immersive and instils confidence and self-esteem, creating self-directed learners.  Emphasis is placed on teaching students how to think rather than what to think. It affords students the ability to choose how, when and where they wish to learn.


Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, group interaction and a Blended Learning Model, the students’ attention and interests are captured and maintained, thereby maximizing the retention process. Our Blended Learning Model is comprised of online and in-class individual or group training sessions. The online solution covers over 4,500 skills and is a very useful tool in improving your child’s academic progress. It identifies difficulties in real-time and offers immediate feedback and solutions on how to overcome them. Online training also allows your child to practice or review any skill(s) which may be challenging and can prevent a solid foundation. Advanced students can accelerate their learning by having the opportunity to preview skills ahead of time.


The Soft Skills area is very significant and often overlooked in the holistic development of individuals.  In an effort to mould the minds of our future leaders and to create disciplined, responsible and appreciative persons, we offer Soft Skills Development. The Soft Skills program has a library of over 200 topics including Critical Thinking, Decision Making, Threat Error Management, Leadership, Teamwork and much more. Soft and Life Skills are delivered in groups, in an engaging, interactive delivery incorporating anonymous quizzing to promote social and team building skills.

I started the DriveWise ILS program in 2019 and it has been a tremendous help to me. The break down of all the topics outlined in the diagnostics helped me to perfect each one of them effectively. I would strongly recommend the DriveWise ILS program to any student.

- Anjanaa Dan, Second Place Performer of S.E.A 2020

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