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Incident Command Solutions FQAs

Responses to our Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Who can use DriveWise Trinidad Incident Command Solutions?

Answer 1: ICS was originally designed for all types of emergency services (police, fire, ambulance, military, and many more), as well as any other high-risk jobs such as those in the oil & gas industry. However, we believe that everyone, including children, should have the knowledge and skills required to handle any life-threatening situations in real life and as such, our programs are open to anyone.


Question 2: How can Incident Command Solutions be used?

Answer 2: ICS can be used as an assessment tool, as an independent training method or as a supplemental training method together with existing training.


Question 3: How will Incident Command Solutions benefit my company?

Answer 3: ICS training will equip your employees with the knowledge and skills required to successfully handle dangerous situations. This will result in the increased safety of your employees, reduction of risks associated with your work environment and as such many lives will be saved. Additionally, the costs associated with incidents or accidents will be drastically reduced since such occurrences will be prevented.


Question 4: Why do you use a simulator in your training?

Answer 4: The simulator allows us to place participants in dangerous situations without actually exposing them to danger. This allows the participants to learn how to handle life-threatening situations without risking their lives. Additionally, the use of simulation has proven to be a very immersive and effective way of learning.


Question 5: How many participants can use your Incident Command Solutions simulator at the same time?

Answer 5: There is no limit to how many participants can train on our simulator at any given time. However, each participant will require an independent PC or laptop.


Question 6: My company uses specific scenarios for our training. Can these be replicated on your simulator?

Answer 6: Yes, any scenario can be created on our simulator. Our programs are very specific and are customized based on the requirements of your organization.


Question 7: How much does Incident Command Solutions cost?

Answer 7: All of our programs are very specific and customized to meet the needs of your organization. Therefore, the costs of our programs will vary. Kindly contact us to request a quotation.


Question 8: How often should our company do refresher training?

Answer 8: Refresher programs can be done as per the requirements of your organization.


Question 9: Are certificates given upon completing your courses?

Answer 9: Yes, certificates are awarded upon completion of all our programs.


Question 10: Do you use virtual reality (VR) headsets in your simulation training?

Answer 10: Yes, the option is available for the use of VR headsets to those participants wishing to have more immersive and realistic training experience.

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