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Incident Command Solutions

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Incident Command Solutions (ICS) is a division of DriveWise Trinidad, a leader in the implementation of interactive learning solutions. Utilizing XVR software. ICS offers a comprehensive simulation training platform utilizing the expertise, concepts and technology from the Aerospace Industry to focus on the challenges of Crisis Management. This comprehensive Crisis Management Solution focuses on risk mitigation and disaster preparedness. Response and recovery challenges are also addressed.


ICS represents the future of incident command management, moving the training industry away from table top training to state-of-the-art simulation. The program can be used for single, multi or inter-agency cooperation and training. It is highly engaging and facilitates collaboration between team and crew communications. ICS is used to prepare and practice tactical solutions with real situations in a simulated environment.


The Program is effective in elevating the foundation and caliber of any trainee regardless of academic level. The program places emphasis on situational awareness, threat error management and crew resource management as well critical thinking, prioritization and decision making.


Our Solutions can be used as an additional means of training to enhance your existing systems. ICS can assist in identifying simple and complex challenges in a proactive, unobtrusive and interactive manner. ICS can be utilized as an engaging tool to assess your team’s competency at all levels inclusive of Tactical, Operational and Strategic levels. ICS allows for customization of specific scenarios in a 3D environment to reach precise training objectives of your choice.


The DriveWise mode of delivery and blended learning model has proven to be engaging, receptive and effective for all academic levels. Utilization of Audience Response Systems as well as Interactive Virtual Reality Simulation has enhanced the learning and risk mitigation process to achieve maximum results, saving lives and money.


The flexibility and safe environment of the simulator enables participants to be exposed to situations that would otherwise be dangerous or impossible in a real-life setting. This virtual reality learning tool immerses the trainee into a relevant environment that is both interactive and responsive.


Customized courseware can be developed to meet any of your specific needs or target areas. The training offered is a proactive approach to emergency procedures and serves as a tool to identify areas of vulnerability.


Trainees will experience and be exposed to the challenges of Human Factors, Performance and Limitations in a controlled environment. The consequences and dangers of not adhering to Standard Operating Procedures and Standard Phraseology for successful incident command is highlighted and reinforced.


Our interactive programs are also utilized as part of the interview process phase, identifying the level of decision making, prioritization, effective communication, critical thinking and much more. ICS is also used as a pre-hire tool to elevate the caliber and soft skills of individuals creating a stronger foundation from date of joining.


Any scenario can be visualized and created from a small scale to a major crisis. The implementation of ICS in your organization will assist in significantly Increasing Safety, Reducing Risk, Decreasing Cost and Saving Lives.

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