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Incident Command Solutions Simulation


The Incident Command Solutions is a Virtual reality training software designed specifically to enhance the risk mitigation process. ICS is designed to educate, to train and to assess the operational and tactical command level based on predefined teaching objectives. The Incident Command Solutions simulation platform provides a realistic, immersive learning environment for incident response professionals. The ICS Platform consists of a variety of learning methods.


Instructors can visualize any scenario with the ICS 3D environment and objects library. This enables you to train and assess the applicable procedures as well as the reconnaissance analysis and decision-making capabilities of participants.


ICS comes with a wide range of 3D environments which includes generic environments and custom-made environments matching your own region. A scenario is built by selecting 3D objects from the ICS library. This library contains a variety of international cars, trucks damaged vehicles and of course emergency vehicles. Furthermore, you can choose victims, bystanders and all kinds of emergency personnel. Next to this it is possible to place objects such as buildings, smoke, fire, liquids and many more.


Consequences of the trainee’s actions and decisions are shown in ICS. The role assigned to a trainee determines their capabilities. For example, for a medical crisis scenario, victims have medical profiles assigned to them and triage labels can be set. Victims, bystanders and emergency personnel can execute action. The trainees can enter buildings with an interior. Custom made buildings can be added to the ICS library.


Many different teaching objectives can be reached such as procedures for crowd control, offshore and industry incidents. Utilizing ICS, the whole chain from operational to strategic command levels can be trained. ICS can be used for individual training, classroom education and mono or multidisciplinary team exercises depending on the chosen teaching objectives.


This simulator allows the creation of standardized assessment scenarios which are predictable and repeatable to permit unbiased assessment of participants. Using ICS, the participant has a better understanding of the situation or scenario and the examiner gets a better understanding of the intentions of their trainees. This way participants get actively involved and motivated and therefore learn more effectively. The ICS platform offers a complete simulation solution.

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