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Advanced Driver Training FAQs

Responses to our Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: What programs do you offer for private clients?

Answer 1: Our private programs include:  Safe Start, Road Ready, Test Ready, Defensive Driving, Eco-Driving & Co-Driver Programs.


Question 2: What is the cost of your private programs?

Answer 2: The cost of our SafeStart Program (2 Day Course) is $1,800.00 + VAT. For other programs, please contact us (see contact page) for pricing.


Question 3: What is the cost for corporate training?

Answer 3: Our programs are fleet, occupation & risk specific, therefore costs will vary based on the requirements or needs of the organization. For pricing, please contact us (see contact page).


Question 4: I am going to apply for my license soon, what program do you have that will prepare me?

Answer 4: Our Safe Start Program is ideal for preparing young individuals who have little or no driving experience.


Question 5: If I complete one of your programs, will it help me get my license faster?

Answer 5: The standard licensing process will still have to be followed, however, the training you receive will prepare you to perform at a much higher and safer level.


Question 6: Will your training help reduce the cost of my Car Insurance?

Answer 6: Yes, our programs are the most comprehensive programs available and the only one of its kind which utilizes simulation. An outline of our training can be provided to your insurance company for pre-approval before training is commenced.


Question 7: How can your programs help me save money?

Answer 7: Being a safer driver yields many benefits. Money can be saved by reducing maintenance and collisions. Additionally, with our Eco-Driving program, you will become a smoother and fuel-efficient driver. Fuel savings up to $10,000.00 per year can be achieved. Savings may also be received by presenting our certificates to insurance companies.


Question 8: Will I get a certificate at the end of the program?

Answer 8: Yes, both certificates and transcripts are provided upon completion of all our programs.


Question 9: How long are your certificates valid for?

Answer 9: Certificates are initially valid for 1 year upon completion of our programs. Refresher programs will extend the validity for another 2 years and then 3 years thereafter.


Question 10: How long has DriveWise been in existence?

Answer 10: In Canada, DriveWise has been an industry leader in safety and professional driver training for over two decades. DriveWise was established in Trinidad in 2014.


Question 11: Whom do you train?

Answer 11: In Canada, our programs are utilized by the Canadian Forces, Emergency Services; Police, Fire and Ambulance Services as well as over 300 corporate clients including Fortune 500 companies.

In Trinidad, our programs are utilized by the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force, many organizations in the Oil and Gas Sector as well as other large organizations such as T&TEC.

Programs are also delivered to the general public from as early as 14 years of age.


Question 12: If my child doesn’t have their license, how will your training benefit them?

Answer 12: The Safe Start Program will help your child to build a solid foundation by practising the skills learnt while in the passenger seat. The training assists in identifying hazards and visual cues leading up to a collision. This well-trained individual with exceptional situational awareness and critical thinking abilities will not only build on their skills but also be an asset in any vehicle they are in.


Question 13: Do you teach defensive driving?

Answer 13: Yes, an advanced level of defensive driving is part of our program.


Question 14: How is your training different from other defensive driving programs?

Answer 14: Whereas defensive driving is a reactive approach, we specialize in cooperative driving which is a proactive approach. We utilize simulation and training concepts from the Aerospace Industry which makes our training much more advanced than other programs. Additionally, we have no generic or “Off-the-Shelf” programs since all our programs are specific and customized to the environment and needs of each individual.


Question 15: How is your driving simulator different from a car video game?

Answer 15: The scenarios in our simulator are created with very specific learning objectives in mind and is, therefore, a training tool, not a game. It incorporates over 200 scenarios, many of which have claimed lives both locally and worldwide. The simulator is capable of placing the driver in dangerous situations without placing them in danger.


Question 16: Do you have In-Vehicle training?

Answer 16: Yes, In-Vehicle training is available for both Corporate & Private Clients.


Question 17: Do you offer individual training or just group training?

Answer 17: Individual training can be provided upon request.


Question 18:  Why do you teach theory in the classroom and not just use simulation training?

Answer 18: Theory is taught in the classroom to ensure that participants fully understand the concepts that are necessary for safe driving. Simulation training is used as a reinforcement training tool.


Question 19: Do you have refresher programs and how often?

Answer 19: Yes, refresher programs are available and will extend the validity of certificates.


Question 20: Do you offer family discounts?

Answer 20: Yes, discounts of 50% are available for every other family member.

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