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Advanced Driver Training Simulation

Why we use Simulation


The High-Fidelity simulator is an incredibly flexible and powerful tool. It can simulate virtually any environment (highway, freeway, suburban, rural, city, parking lots, etc.), traffic pattern, time of day and weather (snow, ice, rain, fog, wind). Vehicles, pedestrians, and animals can be programmed to cause potential conflicts or risk factors where the participant must use proactive driving techniques to safely navigate. Real life incidents, new operating procedures, or risks can be recreated for learning purposes in the simulator.


Simulation has proven to assist in achieving a much higher level of understanding and proficiency in less time, with less cost. By using a virtual reality simulator, participants can be placed in dangerous situations without being exposed to danger. Any scenario can be created using our simulators and participants gain experience in handling situations that would not have been possible to practice otherwise.


The consequences of one’s actions can be demonstrated through simulation. Lessons can, therefore, be learned from the mistakes of others which have claimed lives worldwide.


As we say in aviation, “It is good to learn from your mistakes, but it is better to learn from somebody else’s”, through the use of simulation this is possible.

Simulator Features

  • A highly immersive and effective learning tool.

  • Experience real situations in a safe, controlled environment

  • Over 200 customized scenarios, many of which have claimed lives in real life.

  • Ability to show you the consequences of your decisions and actions.

  • Replay and slow-motion video capabilities

  • Allows you to practice dangerous maneuvers as much as you need to get them right.

  • Can manipulate various weather and adverse conditions.

  • Vehicle malfunctions and failures can be created and restored at will.

  • Trains you to identify hazards and visual cues that lead up to collisions.

  • Shows fuel consumption and savings, acceleration rates, deceleration rates, pollution rates etc.

  • Automatic and manual transmission options.

  • Petrol and diesel vehicle options.

  •  Portable and can be transported to your desired location for training.

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