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SafeStart TM

Sixteen (16) hours of in-class instruction including six (6) hours of simulations labs.

 Regulations Program

An essential initial or refresher program for all road users.

Road Ready

Ten (10) hours of private in-car training.

Focus Training      Sessions

Designed to assist those encountering specific challenges of driving. Delivered in four (4) or eight (8) hour lessons based on participants needs.


Defensive Driving

4-Hour and 8-Hour Programs combining Theory & Practical Simulation session.

Participants receive certificate after completion.

Needed by Insurance companies.

One-on-One Simulation

4 Hours of simulation training.

Participants will be able to learn the maneuvers that are experienced while driving on the road.

In-Vehicle Training


4 Hours of in-vehicle training.

Prepares you to be a safe and confident driver while driving on the road.

Advanced Driver Training Improvement

Builds confidence and help drivers improve their driving.
Delivered in 4-Hour or 8-Hour lessons based on participant's needs.

Vulnerability Program

Designed to assess the challenges, levels of knowledge, attitude and skills of drivers. Proactively identify areas requiring improvement in risk mitigation and collision prevention.

Eco-Driving Program

Designed to instill and develop efficient driving habits that will result in significant fuel economy and annual saving.

Pre-Hire & Driver Profile Evaluation

Screening assessment designed to identify abilities as well as challenges of fleets and drivers in the hiring process or otherwise.

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