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Advanced Driver Training

Hands-on Learning

DriveWise Trinidad adopts a modern approach to driver improvement and is a leader in the implementation and design of driver education solutions. We believe in creating a safer world by providing enhanced training to participants in a conducive learning environment. This enables them to develop vital skills and mindsets essential in creating responsible attitudes and behaviours. DriveWise employs the use of a simulation platform which enables individuals to be exposed to dangerous and life-threatening situations without being placed in danger.


Having adopted training aids and concepts utilized in the Aerospace Industry, DriveWise has a proven track record of increasing safety, reducing risks, decreasing costs and saving lives. Our programs also improve fuel economy and create a greener environment. Our solutions have been successful in changing driver attitudes and behaviours which are the leading causes of collisions. Statistics show that driver behaviour accounts for over 85% of collisions.


DriveWise adopts a Proactive approach to driving and highlights attitudes, hazards and visual cues which contribute to collisions and fatalities. Our aim and objective is to prevent undesirable situations from occurring which can be fatal or otherwise.

Utilizing interactive Audience Response Systems as well as state-of-the-art Driving Simulators, we are able to highlight recognition and decision-making errors (regardless of one’s age or academic level). These tools allow enhancement of the learning and risk mitigation process by demonstrating the consequences of one’s actions.


Our simulator database includes hundreds of scenarios including 50 scenarios that have claimed lives around the world. Utilizing our 6 Star Approach we can demonstrate the perils of driving and are able to prevent others from falling into the same traps. “It’s good to learn from your mistakes but it’s better to learn from somebody else’s”.


DriveWise has mapped many collisions which have occurred on our nation’s roads. 100% of these collisions could have been prevented utilizing the DriveWise 6 Star Approach. Results have shown, Driver Improvement training used in conjunction with simulation, has achieved outstanding results in driver awareness and collision prevention. This concept coupled with the aerospace approach has achieved maximum results.


Our vulnerability program, as the name implies, was designed to show areas of vulnerability from both the practical and theoretical aspect. This program is very useful in alerting your Human Resources and Health and Safety departments to hone in on areas of challenge and concern. The vulnerability program consists of a variety of challenging scenarios which can assess the knowledge, attitudes and skills of your team. This program identifies gaps in existing training or policies. Actual outcomes of undesirable situations are unfolded without an organization or individual(s) having to suffer the consequences and repercussions of lack of attention, knowledge and/or understanding.


Most programs focus on Hard Skills and often neglect the most important aspect – “soft skills”. Soft skills play a major role in the development, design and delivery of our programs. This approach has contributed tremendously to the success of our high achievements benefiting not only our track record but most importantly the enhancement of individuals and groups that have engaged in our training


Our expertise in the development and improvement of mindsets have significantly contributed to creating disciplined and responsible professionals.  This approach has achieved excellent results in raising the caliber of professionals by enhancing attitude, skills and knowledge.

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