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About DriveWise Trinidad

Education. Exploration. Satisfaction.

DriveWise Trinidad adopts a modern approach to learning and utilizes training aids and concepts from the Aerospace Industry. The Aerospace philosophy places special emphasis on Human Factors, Performance and Limitations. This enables us to assist individuals in achieving their maximum potential.
We believe in implementing a proactive approach that identifies the root cause of an individual’s challenge. These challenges are then addressed through very specific focus training sessions that are designed to meet the desired outcomes. Utilizing Audience Response Systems as well as State-of-the-Art Virtual Reality Simulators, we are able to enhance the learning and risk mitigation process to achieve maximum results.

DriveWise is a leader in the design and implementation of interactive technologies, our success is evident in the level of engagement and receptiveness of our participants.  The key to our success is our Engage™ proprietary learning model that focuses on training needs targeted to risk mitigation and performance improvement.
Our programs experience a 100% data tracked client recommendation rating. In the driving sector, we have been able to reduce collisions by up to 45% and increase fuel economy by up to 5%. In addition to increasing the safety of our clients and decreasing their repair, maintenance & fuel costs, we observed numerous positive changes in their attitudes and behaviours, both in and out of the driving arena. Statistics have proven that driver attitudes & behaviours are the leading cause of collisions and by addressing such issues, DriveWise Trinidad has become the driving force in making the roads of Trinidad a safer place.
Utilizing our blended learning model, DriveWise Interactive Learning Solutions (ILS) has significantly increased student performance and averages. ILS incorporates a holistic approach that focuses on both the academic and soft skill development of individuals. This method has proven to increase the confidence, attitudes, and behaviours of the students.

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